October 2- October 6

This week we discussed:

     Science- In science, we are beginning to discuss the atmosphere. We are looking at the different layers, and their different properties and attributes. We are illustrating the atmosphere, the objects found in each, and the depth and temperature of each. 

     Math- In math, we are comparing and adding Units of Length and Weight. For length, we are looking at millimeter, centimeter, and meter. For weight, we are looking at liter, milliliter, gram, and kilogram.
Here are links to videos that you can view of the upcoming lessons for next week.
                     Monday: Review and Assessment
                     Tuesday: Lesson 1
                     Wednesday: Lesson 2
                     Thursday: Lesson 3
                     Friday: Lesson 4

     Birthdays: Happy Birthday to Salma! She just turned 9 last Sunday!

Special Reminders: 
Tomorrow Friday, October 06, will be Picture Day, so dress to impress.   

Marvelous job everyone! Keep up the incredible work and awesome behavior.

As a reminder, the second field study forms have been sent out. Please have it signed and returned as soon as possible. All payments should be done online. Also yellow progress reports are sent out on Thursdays, and will continue to be sent out on Thursdays. Please sign and return the form, indicating that you have seen it. When returning the form, please make sure to return graded work as well. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at any point, and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Thank you,

Mrs. Mitchell                                                                                           

Miss Rana

Check it out!

Look at all the condensation on the bottles, coming from the plants.

Here we are filling up the pumpkin with top soil, or fertilizer.

Don't forget to water!

We hope some of the pumpkin seeds sprout!